Free electric Spain


     Heat your pool and swim sooner and longer.

Solar power the heating of your swimming pool from the sun, it's free!

We have enough daylight in Spain to solar power the heating of your pool. We use evacuated heat pipes. They are the most efficient FREE way to heat your pool.

It only costs from just ?2,995 dependent on the size of your pool.

The tubes pictured above can be located out of sight and almost anywhere.

Call now for a free, no obligation quotation.

You could be swimming in warm water, within days! Call Graham on: 662 406 516

Here is an simple diagram of how the solar heated hot water for your pool works.


Using your existing pumping system its very simple to use and can be Switch on or off manually or fully automatic. You decide what's easiest for you.


Another way to heat you pool is with a heat pump. Pictured below. This uses electricity. and can be used all year night and day. You can also solar power the electric to the heat pump