Free electric Spain


   Free to run electric central Heating.

We install electric central heating systems. WE HAVE OUR OWN BRAND BOILERS. All with CE approval and we think superior to any other.


The boiler seen here has been installed in thousands of homes heating up to 10 radiators or more.

Spain has a low electric supply to homes, so the electric boiler can only run a maximum of 10 radiators. All with water inside them, just like the UK.

We have found that 4-10 radiators is more than adequate for Spain in the winter.

We have fitted many boilers in peoples homes and you may go and see them and ask about how economical it is to keep warm in winter. Even when powered from the grid.

Don't forget we can also solar power our Heating  boilers using our special solar electric panels.





  The radiators we prefer to install are flat panel British style radiators. Or Spanish style

The valves on the radiators are the same as normal valves you are used to.

You can also dry your clothes on our radiators just like you did in the UK.

Dont forget our radiators can be PIPING HOT.

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Our boilers are patent protected and have very special patented features, which make them very unique and more efficient than many other products.

If you already have radiators we can often install our boiler to replace a gas boiler